Retreat Schedule 2018




26 - 28 January

Preparing for the Year Ahead

Sharon Grussendorff

23 - 25 February

Simple Silent Retreat

Self guided, with group reflection

9 - 11 March

The Inner Journey

Sharon Grussendorff

11 - 13 May

A Deeper Silence

Sharon Grussendorff

25 - 27 May

Painting our Prayers Sr Irene Kalvalagh

27 - 29 July

Advanced Enneagram Retreat

Liz Witherspoon and Julie Elliott

7 - 9 September

Writing Retreat: Finding voice through the body and breath

Monique Salomon and Heidi van Rooyen

12 - 14 October

Simple Silent Retreat

Self guided, with group reflection

10 - 12 November

Attachment, non-attachment and being at home in God

Graham Lindegger

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"Solitude, silence, and prayer are often the best ways to self-knowledge.  Not because they offer solutions for the complexity of our lives but because they bring us in touch with our sacred center, where God dwells."  -- Henri Nouwen

"Gradually, after deliberately choosing quiet times with God, our heart begins to sharpen its perception of God's presence. The quiet of God begins to speak and direct us, and our heart becomes more finely tuned to the frequency that God uses to speak to us." -- Thomas Merton Image